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safety in (less) numbers - how to make small weddings special

So you've decided to have a small wedding. Do you want to know something? I'm jealous. If I had it to do all over again, I would do it, too. While I'll always be grateful for the wedding I had, sometimes I wonder what else could have been possible if I had cut the guest list by half (or maybe more)!

With COVID-19 still impacting our lives, you may not have a choice but to host a small, intimate wedding. And while that may not be what you had originally envisioned for your big day, this inevitable choice could start to shape the true day of your dreams!

Here are a few tips for making your small wedding special and memorable for years to come.

1) save the memories, on film

Ok, so film is a thing of the past, but you know what I mean. Whether you use film or a more present-day technology, there are great options for making sure your precious wedding moments are saved for years to come. Hiring a professional videographer might strike your fancy if you want to be able to share the ceremony and celebrations with family and friends unable to make the trip.

2) make a splash (or two)

Your guests will come to support you, but they’ll stay for the dancing, drinking, and fun! Make a splash, as they say, by adding in some extra fun elements that make your event truly unique. Some ideas include swapping the traditional wedding cake with a cookie, ice cream, or donut bar. For the braver souls, opening up the option to make your own music with a karaoke set turns an intimate affair into a late-night bar party (remember going to bars!?). Or you take this suggestion more literally by hiring a mobile bar service to cater the most important part of any event - the open bar. Guests will have a great time pouring their own beverages and posing for a photo shoot next to vintage-inspired, well-decorated mobile taps.

3) do yourself a favor

Everyone loves a gift. But the key to a great gift is finding something the person actually likes. With a smaller wedding comes the possibility to provide more personalized favors than a bag of candied almonds (nothing against this sweet treat - but we can do better, right!?). To help guarantee you provide something everyone will love, a small gift basket with candles, coasters, and treats is the perfect combo. Or, make your guests feel truly special by giving them something that us uniquely theirs. Many photographers can print photos on-site, so surprise guests as they leave with a framed photo of them from the event.

Whether a small wedding was by choice, or as a result of this crazy year, it will be more than any day you could have imagined if you make the best of it. Let us help you make the most out of your special day in the backyard, at an outdoor venue, or at your favorite local restaurant. The Bubbly Car is ready to roll into any space and help bring your event to life.

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