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the simplest ways to host a more eco-friendly wedding

We hear the term "eco-friendly" a lot, and especially on days like today (happy Earth Day, champs!) And it might seem too difficult to be sustainable, especially while planning one of the most important days of your life, but it doesn't always have to be that way

One of the things I love most about the bubbly car is the fact that it allows me to bring eco-friendliness to weddings and events almost effortlessly. Don't you just love that word? *Sigh*

And there are many other easy and fun ways you can make your special day fun for Mother Earth, too. Here are just a few ideas to keep your wedding day green.

eliminate bottle waste with kegs

When planning my own special day, I was presented with the option for beer in bottles of kegs. It was an easy decision to make - a keg of beer would eliminate waste and keep things easy. However, I did not know (at the time) that beer wasn't the only thing I could find in a keg! From sparkling french wine to a rich cabernet, the options for wine of tap have expanded over the last several years. So when presented with the option for bottles or kegs, consider that you have lots of options either way!

buy reusable drinkware

My main goal in life is to keep things easy, so when I see an option to metaphorically kill two birds with one stone, I take it. Reusable drinkware (you know, the cute, insulated cups that you take to the beach when you're being sneaky about alcohol) are loved by all! So why not use them as part of your reception as well as the take-home favor. With a reusable mug, you still get the benefit of keeping your wedding as sanitary as possible (thanks, COVID), without resorting to disposable plastic.

let the great outdoors be your decor

If you're still in the phase of wedding planning prior to choosing a venue, then it might be a good time to think about what it will take to decorate your space. I totally understand that an empty event hall needs a lot of help - flowers, candles, fabrics, etc. - all to give your wedding that "wow" factor. But all of those items really add up (both in terms of sustainability and money). Therefore, consider looking for a venue that utilizes nature as the backdrop, and suddenly less is more. In an outdoor setting, a simple white tent with some string lights might be all you need to set the perfect scene.

That's it! Booze, gifts, and decor. What else do you need? Well, maybe the bubbly car needs to join in, too. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you keep your drink order sustainable, and your day filled with joy and laughter!

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