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three simple prosecco cocktail recipes

Do you love wine, but also enjoy a good cocktail? I am the same way, and I was sick of choosing one or the other. That's when I discovered Prosecco cocktails, and I've never looked back!

When it comes to a good cocktail recipe, Google is your best friend. I started typing in the names of cocktails that I loved - Negroni, Moscow mule, margaritas, etc. - and just added "Prosecco" to the end of it. Boom! Lots of recipes appeared. But, not all of them passed my taste test. Here are three of my tried and true favorite Prosecco cocktail recipes that are simple to make and fun to drink!

1) the hugo

I first discovered the "hugo" Prosecco cocktail when I was traveling in Germany. It was a refreshing happy hour substitution when I wasn't in the mood for an aperol spritz. A traditional recipe calls for Elderflower liqueur, but that can be difficult to find. I ended up making a "lighter" version with elderflower tonic water from FeverTree Mixers.


- Prosecco (I used Mionetto)

- FiverTree Mixers Elderflower Tonic Water

- Mint

- Lime

Mix together two parts Prosecco with one part tonic water and spritz with lime juice. Garnish with lime and mint.

2) prosecco moscow mule

Compared to the hugo, this one is more of a heavy hitter. I love to use coupe of champagne glasses for many of my prosecco cocktails, but for this one, it feels right to use the traditional copper mug. This is also a good option to make one the same night or the same weekend as the hugo because a few of the ingredients are the same!


- Prosecco *duh*

- Ginger beer (I love the one at Trader Joe's)

- Vodka (or gin)

- Mint

- Lime

Start with a a few ice cubes in your copper mug or cup. Add in 1 shot of your liquor of choice. Then, pour in ginger beer until the cup is about 2/3 full. Top it off with Prosecco. Stir well and garnish with lime and mint!

3) french 75*

This is probably the most popular of the Prosecco cocktails, and very often is made with champagne, hence the *. As you might be able to tell, I love to use a flavored sparkling water in my mixes, and this one is no exception. So here's a quick and easy recipe for an extra-bubbly Prosecco french 75.


- Prosecco (you knew that by now)

- Lemon flavored seltzer water (I like Boylan Bottling)

- Gin

- Lemon

In a cocktail shaker, mix together 1 shot of gin, 2 shots of prosecco, and 2 shots of lemon sparkling water. Mix it up and pour into a coupe or flute glass. Garnish with a lemon peel for an extra bit of fanciness!

And there you have it! With all the great mixers, you should be able to test out all of these Prosecco cocktails with just one bottle. So be bold and explore new flavors! There's plenty of bubbly to go around.

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